An Age of Acting-Kristen Stewart’s Undeserved Hate & Controversial Rise

Her career defining role in Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

Something that irks me the most in the media is a portrayal of total disregard for an actor or actress when they have a rough start in the industry. Yes, I’m sure all of you have painfully sat through the Twilight series. But really, without those movies how would Kristen have rose to fame? In this meticulously wrote article we will be taking a look at her filmography and why she is regarded by me, personally, as one of the best actresses of this generation. And hopefully you too can see the truth.

Kristen Stewart is regarded as one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood, or well, anywhere. 2016 was her shining year. She became the first actress to have three films at the New York Film Festival: Personal Shopper, Certain Women, and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk). Let’s also recognize that same year, Stewart became the first American to receive the César, (the French equivalent to an Oscar).

Kristen poses with her award for her performance in Olivier Assayas’s Clouds of Sils Maria.

Also, not to mention if you like The Criterion Collection, Kristen is on three of them, which says a lot about her artistic approach to acting. No matter how the media sees every other star, they can’t seem to grip the fact that she’s moved on from the mopey teenager we all hated in Twilight. Also, during her and co-star Robert Pattinson’s split going around the media was quick to condemn her. Her face was on every tabloid ever.And look at Robert now. He’s also stepping up to ambitious indie projects and slaying. His performance from last year’s A24 neon-acid trip Good Time was riveting. So yeah, Twilight has followed her reputation around a lot, but it’s time to move on. Besides, this isn’t about Twilight. Following those tough times, soon the publicity must’ve done something because at the age of 22, she was named the highest paid actress in Hollywood. Kristen wised up and chose indie films with small budgets and her amount of films subsided considerably. Director Olivier Assayas worked closely with her and this platform opened up her abilities to really prove herself. Stewart radiates something constantly stirring within her on screen and is confident yet reserved. She says more with her actions and glances than needing words. Assayas says in regards to her performance in Personal Shopper,

“Stewart’s perceived real-life aloofness translates into how people interpret her performances, as though the public was afraid of someone who simply didn’t want to play the game of celebrity like she was expected to.”

Her acting shines through in the final moments motionless and distill and silent than most actors can emote in an entire film. In an article from put so perfectly “ Stewart’s perceived real-life aloofness translates into how people interpret her performances, as though the public was afraid of someone who simply didn’t want to play the game of celebrity like she was expected to. There’s something wry about which roles she takes on, alluding to a keen understanding of her own identity, her acting range, and this public perception. She uses it to her benefit, as a defiant middle finger to those that doubted her during the Twilight years. She has done this expertly, to the point that there is now a cult surrounding her, totally upending the old narrative of being one of the most-hated actors in Hollywood.”

Personal Shopper. Olivier Assayas says Kristen inspired him to write the film.

Clouds of Sils Maria is my favorite performance from Stewart. i stumbled upon it on Netflix about a year ago and soon realized it was also a criterion title. It is also an Olivier Assayas film and she plays Valentine, an assistant to Maria Enders, an aging actress that attempts to regain her place in Hollywood. Stewart carves out her own characters creating herself an identity both on screen and off. The bond between the two is erotic and commands your eyes to be glued to the screen. It’s a slow burn but it pays off. It’s really just one of those films that is so beautifully serene and the imagery speaks for itself.

Both her collaborations with Assayas, have showcased to the world what Stewart has to offer; their quiet, reflections — Personal Shopper’s on the ghostly nature of modern communication and Sils Maria’s on the art of acting — allow Stewart to become truth itself.

To mention many of her other notable performances; she plays excellently alongside Jessie Eisenberg in Adventureland and Woody Allen’s Cafe Society. One of her more underrated performances is a portrayal of Joan Jett in The Runaways. It pays subtle nuances to the trailblazing rock-star but doesn’t quite envelop the full course biopic style. Nonetheless, it’s worth watching to see Dakota Fanning turned bad-ass and Kristen Stewart shouting punk songs. It’s definitely one of her more versatile roles and she really dives into it.

“The Runaways”

Kristen Stewart is the real deal. She absorbs every inch of the screen and expressions alone, she is incredible. She is so real that it can often feel off putting to the culture norm. When off screen, Stewart doesn’t hold back on being herself. Her method acting is insanely captivating. It’s Kristen’s commitment to total authenticity that makes her truly special. From her mannerisms and everything on screen and off, Kristen Stewart speaks truth to a generation and proves to be the leading talent.

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